Getting to know your newly formed team..


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New team? No problem! With our exciting new event get to know your team and its dynamics!

Experience suitable for virtual, live or hybrid delivery.


– Perfect for newly formed teams or on boarding new team members!

– Learn more about your team, understand the personalities and get to know team dynamics

- A combination of Personalities: You & Your Team and a “Psychopaths in Business” Experience

“The after-effects of unity and trust are priceless. The activities exceeded our requirements and it gave the team a more united feeling” – UKME



How you behave at work and the study of yourself is the most interesting of human studies. In addition, knowledge of your colleague’s behaviour will help the team understand their capabilities, strengths and preferences.


The event will kick off with a personality experience, learning to understand yourself more and your colleagues. This interactive activity will help you get to know your team in a fun, educational environment. Once you have shared more about yourselves and your understanding of each other, we then move into the unique “Psychopaths in Business” activity.


This activity will see your teams delve into what a psychopath is, and why they are perfect for businesses! A “criminal” activity with a business twist!


The perfect mix of learning, interacting and fun. An experience your team will never forget.

Experience suitable for virtual, live or hybrid delivery.


Image by Javier Allegue Barros
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Image by Austin Distel

Choose your perfect event and contact the team to talk through your personal requirements. 

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