A Cloud of Color
Outdoor Dinner Party

Perception vs Reality

 In your team pairs, we want you to talk to each other, for a total of 4 minutes. The aim of the challenge is to discover their "personality colour" and sub colours, based only on the information they provide. You may have a perception of their colours, but what is the reality?

Questions you could ask include... 

  1. What is your favourite thing about your role?

  2. What annoys you the most? (In your personal life, or could be at work?)

  3. Do you prefer creating "big ideas" or "making them happen" 

  4. If you were taking on "Ikea flatpack", how would you go about it?

Keep asking questions until the work out their "leading" personality colour, and then allocate the other 3 colours in order of dominance. 




An Example

Person A: Bilbo Baggins

Person B: Harry Potter

After 5 minutes is up, "reveal" to each other, what you think their primary colour is and what you think their "sub" colours are. Discuss together if you think they are correct or not, and why! We will then call you back into the main, where each member of the team will "reveal" their colour under normal condition and stress.