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Crime Scene Investigation Team Building Activity


Designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives.

Working in teams you must delve into the murky world of crime & the murder of CEO Jonathan Buckley, complete a series of forensic challenges and identify the culprit!

Are you ready to find out what the motive is?

How the murder took place?

What evidence is available to connect suspect(s) to the crime scene?


This experience begins with a full briefing from our enthusiastic trainer, we provide everything you need for the activities, and the experience can be personalised to you and your team! 

Included in Your Event

The Killing Includes 

  • Full briefing from our enthusiastic trainer

  • Fingerprint masterclass (including taking your own & dusting for fingerprints)

  • Background to the crime!

  • The full investigation includes; DNA, Forensic Dentistry, Hair & Fibre Analysis, Fingerprinting, Blood Spatter Patterns, Ballistic Examination (Bullets), Constructing photo fits (using FBI Software)

  • The evidence is collated and teams come to a conclusion

  • Prizes are awarded to the winning teams

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